In 2007, when the Melanoma Research Alliance was established, the prognosis for metastatic melanoma was bleak. The two FDA-approved medications that did exist were not very effective and research on melanoma had stalled. The last drug to be approved by the FDA was in 1998 and for those facing a late-stage melanoma diagnosis there was little hope.

More than ten years later, the field could not be more different. With the support of MRA, a new paradigm of promising research has advanced and drug discovery has transformed not only the way we treat melanoma but all of oncology. Patients with a diagnosis of late-stage melanoma now have 12 more FDA approved treatments – new options that not only offer improved outcomes, but renewed hope. The energy, excitement and ideas that have transformed melanoma continue to grow – and today more than 500 clinical trials are focused on finding the next promising treatments.

MRA has directly invested more than $101 million in cutting-edge melanoma research world-wide and has leveraged an additional $101 million from other sources. All MRA funded research is vetted by our grant review committee of world-renowned scientists and researchers.

The world has changed for many melanoma patients – but still it is not enough.

It is estimated that 91,000 Americans will be diagnosed with melanoma this year. Even worse, more than 9,000 people are predicted to die from this disease. Every day we hear from patients that are not responding to even the most innovative therapies. These sobering statistics and stories motivate us to continue our mission of fast forwarding the research and ending death and suffering due to melanoma.

MRA is committed to funding the most promising research globally and to partner with all stake holders.

MRA is proud to showcase many key achievements from the past year. MRA remains deeply grateful to the many donors, organizations, government officials, corporations, researchers and patients who have joined us in our shared mission to eradicate melanoma. Our work would not be possible without you.

Many Thanks.

Debra Black
Chair and Co-Founder

Michael Kaplan
President and CEO