Kinetic Energy: Driving the Field into the Future

MRA brings more than hope. It brings a promise to facilitate connections within and across disciplines and industries, to accelerate new research and methodologies, and to amplify messages of prevention and awareness.

But fulfilling this promise doesn’t just happen. It’s more than putting people in touch or putting people in a room. It must be proactively made to happen – the dots have to be connected and aligned. In that way, MRA has been a kinetic force in this field. It means connecting a patient to not just a trial but the right trial so that one day they can hear those sweet words: no evidence of disease. It means connecting a researcher not just to any funder but the right biotech partner to breathe life into their vision and then to bring it to scale. It means with each dream achieved, dreaming of another because we don’t yet have a cure—but we do have new treatments, new partnerships, new knowledge, and more momentum than ever to find one. And with this alliance that’s growing bigger and bigger every day, we’re stronger than ever.

This is the essence of the MRA. This is its vision and mission in action.