“The Melanoma Research Alliance has a unique vision and approach in bringing together all key stakeholders to advance treatment options and prevention strategies for melanoma. Through their engagement with patients and families, investigators, industry partners, and regulatory agencies, they empower us to work together as a team to optimally advance the field.”

- Dr. Jennifer Wargo, MD Anderson Cancer Center

Breaking Ground and Building Partnerships

Since its founding in 2007, the Melanoma Research Alliance (MRA) has played a pivotal role in the global response to melanoma. MRA has helped transform the landscape for melanoma research from minimal investment and activity to one of momentous excitement and breakthroughs. The Alliance’s road map for success is based on a clear mission and a deliberate approach: to work with all stakeholders to better prevent, detect, treat, and eventually cure melanoma.

MRA is clear of its role; making science the crown jewel of all they do, but also knowing investment in science alone will not get the needed results. The true power of their research is made evident when the dots get connected. MRA’s investment in research is unparalleled, yet equally important is MRA’s role as a champion and convener of the field at-large. Industry, nonprofits, researchers, government, patients, and families are all critical in the fight against melanoma. That’s why MRA is so focused on connecting the dots.

Its web address with “cure melanoma” and its inclusion of “alliance” in its name are not coincidences but, rather, intentional choices to stay focused on the task at hand and ensure tomorrow is even more promising than today.

Dr. Lew Cantley

Dr. Caroline Robert, Dr. Richard Pazdur, and Dr. Marc Theoret

Each and every year since its founding, MRA has leveraged its immense convening power through their Scientific Retreat ( A retreat where stakeholders can come together to learn from one another’s efforts and, ultimately, propel the field forward—surpassing what any single player could have done alone. And as momentum grows, so too does the impact.

The interdependence is undeniable. The success of clinical trials depend upon researchers and patients alike. Expanding available treatments requires not only discovery, bench research and trials; but also regulatory approval. To increase awareness about melanoma means advocacy, and to do so effectively means galvanizing voices across all sectors, in every corner of the globe.

MRA’s investment in the science, combined with their understanding and support of the critical inter-plays of research with patient engagement, regulatory systems, industry and more has provided dramatic results. In fact, since MRA’s founding in 2007, there have been 12 new melanoma treatments approved by the FDA, and many more are being studied. And most importantly, patients are living longer thanks to the advancements in research.