For Melanoma Patients

As MRA continues to accelerate progress and fulfill its mission of eliminating suffering and death due to melanoma, there is enhanced opportunity to expand the organization’s impact in the community through patient engagement activities. The goal of MRA’s patient engagement program is to leverage MRA’s deep scientific and clinical reach to provide resources for newly diagnosed patients, individuals receiving treatment, and those seeking to participate in clinical research.

Just Diagnosed with Melanoma:

I was just diagnosed with melanoma.

You or someone you love have just been diagnosed with melanoma – now what? Learn about being diagnosed with melanoma.

Melanoma Treatment Options:

Melanoma Treatment Options3

Your treatment options depend on the stage of your melanoma and your overall health. Learn more about available melanoma treatment options.

Melanoma Clinical Trials:

Melanoma ClinicalTrials

Clinical trials offer patients access to treatment approaches that may prove more beneficial than anything currently approved by the FDA. Learn more about clinical trials.

Melanoma Patient Resources:

Melanoma Patient Reosurces

A melanoma diagnosis can be shocking and overwhelming - but you aren't alone. Learn more about available patient resources.

Looking for Support? Check out the Melanoma > Exchange online patient community.