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Melanoma Immunotherapy and Precision Medicine — a Medical Student’s Perspective

By Pooja H. Rambhia, MD Candidate, Case Western Reserve University | 20 January 2017 In Science

Malignant melanoma research has provided the perfect opportunity to explore the intersection of immunotherapy and precision medicine, which has greatly transformed melanoma therapeutics in the last decade.

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Understanding Immunotherapy Part 3: CTLA-4

By Amrita Bhatt, MRA Intern | 15 June 2016 In Science, Treatment

Now that you’ve read our background on immunotherapy and learned about PD-1, it’s time to focus on another protein that plays a key role in cancer development, CTLA-4. What is CTLA-4? In addition to displaying PD-1 on the cell surface, T cells also display CTLA-4.

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Understanding Immunotherapy Part 2: PD-1

By Amrita Bhatt, MRA Intern | 17 February 2016 In Science, Treatment

Now that we’ve provided a brief background on immunotherapy, it’s time to dive more deeply into the subject. In the second installment of this blog series, we’ll be examining PD-1, a protein that plays a crucial role in cancer’s ability to hide from our immune systems. What is PD-1? PD-1...

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Research Q & A: Dr. Michael Atkins

17 November 2015 In Treatment

In the latest blog series, we talked with Dr. Michael Atkins, Deputy Director of the Georgetown-Lombardi Cancer Center at Georgetown University, and a member of the MRA Medical Advisory Panel.

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