Researcher Stories


Leonard Zon

As a pediatric hematologist/oncologist at Children’s Hospital in Boston, Leonard Zon says, “I certainly never expected I would end up...


Timothy Bullock

Medical research is fraught with challenges, and melanoma poses an especially difficult set of questions.


Levi Garraway

Levi Garraway admits melanoma was not on his radar screen when he started in research.


Padmanee Sharma

Padmanee “Pam” Sharma was hooked on science after her first biology class in high school.


Edwin Bremer

As a student, Edwin Bremer quickly discovered his interest in the physiology of the human body, and the immune system...


Hensin Tsao

Hensin Tsao learned to fear, and respect, cancer at an early age when he witnessed his grandmother pass away from...

Susana Ortiz Urda 5

Susana Ortiz Urda

Dr. Susana Ortiz Urda developed an interest in the medical field at an early age.


Donald L. Morton

Dr. Don Morton, an internationally renowned surgical oncologist,  changed standards of care for  patients with early stage melanoma.

Jessie Villanueva2

Jessie Villanueva

Understanding the molecular pathways that are disrupted by melanoma to uncover future targets for therapy, particularly for patients who have NRAS mutant melanoma.