Donate Stock

A gift of stock isn't just tax-deductible. You can also avoid up to 37% in capital gains taxes by donating stock directly to MRA.

How does this work?

  1. Your direct stock gift is protected from capital gains tax, so we receive 100% of your donation, rather than losing up to 37% in capital gains tax.
  2. You can claim a fair market value charitable deduction, and pass on that savings in the form of even more giving.

The combination of protecting your long-term appreciated stock gift from capital gains tax PLUS claiming a fair market value deduction results in a larger donation than if you were to sell the shares and donate the cash proceeds.

Donate with Overflow

See it in action:

One share of Google funds a researcher for a week. If you were to liquidate that share (currently valued around $2500) and give that cash to MRA rather than donating the stock directly, you would be making around a $2000 donation instead of $2500. That $500 difference makes a difference to melanoma patients and their loved ones.

We've partnered with Overflow, a secure platform that makes it easy to donate stock online. You can now even gift stock to MRA directly from your phone!

To learn more about the Overflow, check out this article or watch this quick video below:


Donate with Overflow

Maximize your generosity today with a gift of stock to MRA!